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This document, presented by some real estate agents, should be indiscriminately qualified as an offer to buy, a unilateral sale contract or simply a price offer and should be treated with caution. Its main feature is to hire the buyer and not the seller. This study focuses on the characteristics of the verb-subject chord in numbers in spoken and written French, two morphological systems that are very different. In particular, we examine the impact of the frequency of forms and morphological patterns of entry on the acquisition of numerical agreements among monolingual and bilingual Francophone children (n-32). Our results show an almost perfect match between the partial and heterogeneous nature of the matching of the numbers in the spoken entry and the errors found in the children`s spoken narratives. However, the influence of a very systematic written agreement on children`s written stories is small, due in part to the absence of phonological references to encrypted correspondences in written French. Whether it is a sales contract or a preliminary contract, the buyer and seller can agree to add suspensive clauses. These allow us to anticipate the nullity of the preliminary contract if certain events occur before the final sale (each of the parties regains its freedom). Unlike the sales contract, the interim agreement must not be registered with the tax authorities. This lack of royalties seems to be an advantage. However, in the case of litigation, the parties remain bound by the sales contract in the case of a unilateral sale contract, unless, in the case of a unilateral sale contract, the parties are bound by the sales contract, unless, in the case of a unilateral sale contract, the parties are reintegrated into their liberty. if the option does not apply to the buyer During this period, he is prohibited from abandoning the sale or offering the property to another buyer. The buyer benefits from the agreement to decide whether he wants to buy or not.

A decisive advantage! In return, it pays the seller a containment benefit that theoretically corresponds to 10% of the sale price. If he chooses the acquisition, that compensation is deducted from the amount to be paid. However, if the owner renounces the purchase or does not give consent within the option period, the owner acquires the benefit as compensation. Whatever your reason, the sums you paid must be reimbursed in full. This retraction period runs from the day after the surrender (or the signature of the deed, if it is held by the notary) in the case of a sales contract concluded in the authentic form or the first presentation of the recommended letter with acknowledgement containing the pre-contract, in the case of a private signature. In Germany, the penal code (section 203) and professional regulations require that certain customer relations be treated confidentially, such as the relationship between patients and their doctors and the relationship between lawyers and their clients. These professions must guarantee professional secrecy. In order to enable these and other professions to purchase cloud services from cloud solution providers, the cloud service provider must enter into a written agreement with the customer guaranteeing professional secrecy. The sale agreement (also known as a “unilateral preliminary contract”) is agreed with the potential buyer (known as the beneficiary) to sell the property to him at a specified price.

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