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The Hunger Games

Year : 2012 Director : Gary Ross Running Time : 2 hrs 22 mins Genre : , ,
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The Hunger Games Review
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This is one of my favorite movies but again not my 1st pick as I said in the video I have favorite, sad, and a jump out of my seat parts. My favorite character is unknown because I am torn between Katniss and Rue. There are the pros and the cons between the 2 of them. Pros- Katniss: Victor and knows how to use bows and arrows. Cons-Katniss: Get’s in trouble with the Capitol. Now Rue. Pros-Rue: Climb trees and can jump from tree to tree. Cons-Rue: Dies in the Hunger Games. So stuff happens.

Rating: PG-13
Stars:Jennifer Lawrence, Josh Hutcherson, Lian Hemsworth

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  1. Matt Benson says:

    Thanks Elena! I am glad you posted a review of the Hunger Games. I really enjoyed the movie too and I cannot wait for the next one to come out as I just recently finished the books.

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