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Reviews from my 11-year old mind!

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Hey everyone sorry I haven’t been posting anything but, school started 8 days ago. I’ve been caught up with homework and classes so every once and a while I will post something. I can tell already tell you that when The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 2 comes out I will so a review right a way.  And Hotel Traslvania is a movie that I’ll be reviewing. TTFN! Ta Ta For Now!

Hey movie people. Sorry I haven’t been putting things up lately I’ve just been busy. Busy with packing and being in a car for 12 or 11 hours. But now I’m in El Paso, TX, at my cousins house I’ll still be writing reports on the movies that I see hear, but there will be no videos while I’m here. Reminder- NO VIDEOS  WHILE IN TEXAS. Bye for now!

Hello right now I’m gonna tell you guys a little about me. I’m 10 years old, I have 1 sibling, a sister, named Emma, a dad named Steven, a mom named Tricia and our last name is Miranda. I live in California, a very hot state for those who live in other states. Now I have a lot of cousins split into 2 states. On my dad’s side my cousins […]

Sup movie fans! Elena Miranda here doing reviews on all your favorite movies. I hope you agree with my decisions but if not that’s ok with me. Just remember I am a 10 year old and these are only my thoughts. I’m certain that I will like some movie that you hate, and I will hate some movies that you like. So please have fun on my site, and feel […]