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The Amazing Spider-Man

Year : 2012 Director : Marc Webb Running Time : 2 hrs 16 mins. Genre :
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The Amazing Spider-Man Review

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The Amazing Spider-Man was totally AWESOME!!!!!! My favorite scene was like I said, OBVIOUS, the funny and the fighting DUH!! Favorite character SPIDER-MAN!!!!!!!!!!!! DUN-DUN-DUN. Of course the Amazing SPIDER-MAN!!!!!!!!!!!! I love spider-man saves us all.

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  1. Chrissy Weathersby Ball says:

    Hi Elena,
    I really enjoyed watching this movie as well. The stunts were AWESOME and lik you, I enjoyed the funny parts. I also like the storyline. I don’t usually watch Spider-Man so I don’t have a history with the comic books, but even without a Spider-Man history I enjoyed the story.
    Your video is awesome!!!! You are so talented!!!!



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