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Chief commercial officer Lucy Bristow told FTAdviser that financial advisors are “more important than ever” in the face of the coronavirus crisis and pledged to work to improve the platform`s internal technology and digital capabilities to “make things easier for existing and new consultants.” The client is kept until he changes counselors. City Watchdog has given the green light to a deal in which a private equity firm will buy the wealthy consulting platform. “We are very excited and eager to get the green light from the regulator to expand our business and expand our reach to the consulting market. No fees are charged for Wealthtime Sipp, ISA and PIP (GIA). Fees on offshore bonds vary by third party. We have a target payment tool online, so the advisor pays the amount they want to hold in cash for fees and withdrawals. The system sends a message if the customer does not have tolerance. The documents relating to the agreement were signed in early October and the final transaction between all parties was concluded. At this time, it is not known what AnaCap paid for Amber Financial, or what Amber`s advisors – who are also shareholders of the platform – will receive in exchange for the deal. Wealthtime is committed to improving its service to financial advisors, as it hopes that the acquisition by private equity firm AnaCap will allow it to expand its reach to the consulting market.

Full online service for consultants and customers, including real-time reviews, trade, portfolio analysis, online document shop, transaction reports, KIIDS, dashboard, secure messaging. Wealthtime`s chief commercial officer Lucy Bristow told FTAdviser in May that the company hoped the acquisition would allow it to expand its reach to the consulting market. There is no departure fee. For Sipp, GIA and ISA: all consultants` remunerations are agreed between the advisor and the client and can be paid as a fixed amount or as a percentage of the client`s assets. Investments in the consulting platform sector have increased significantly in recent years, with an acceleration in the pace of mergers and acquisitions and an increase in the share of companies in the advisory platform market. Wealthtime was founded in 2006 by a number of james Hay`s former executives and launched the consulting platform in 2009. “The platform will expand for future growth by ensuring that our infrastructure is strong. In addition, we will improve our online and digital skills to facilitate processing and facilitate consultants` travel. Since then, it has grown organically to hold approximately $2.2 billion in assets under management from a small number of “dedicated and loyal” consulting firms. For offshore borrowing, there is 0.1% platform fee, plus wrapper provider fees. She said: “Anacap has ambitious growth plans for us. We will target the consulting market by offering excellent service and trying to earn more of our type of consultants – usually chartered and smaller asset managers who advise wealthy clients holistically.┬áThe agreement will facilitate the development of Wealthtime`s proprietary platform technology to enhance the consultant experience and improve functionality.

The platform said it would consider other possible acquisitions if it was “strategically advantageous.” With the acquisition, three new members will join Wealthtime`s senior team and be AnaCap`s first investment in the UK platform industry. Wealthtime marks the transition with a new look and positions the company as an ambitious, forward-looking brand, associated with a proud legacy. “Before coronavirus, we had plans to improve our digital capabilities, and that remains.

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