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The subscription agreement can be considered as a contract between an entity issuing a new issue of securities and the subscription group that agrees to buy and resell the issue at a profit. A mini-maxi is a kind of Best Efforts underwriting that only takes effect when a minimal amount of titles is sold. Once the minimum is reached, the underwriter can sell the securities within the limit set in the terms of the offer. All funds raised by investors are held in trust until the completion of the underwriting. If the minimum quantity of securities indicated in the offer is not reached, the offer is cancelled and the investors` funds are returned to them. Other options for going public are a firm commitment and a best-effort agreement. Preferential rights issues can be subscribed. The role of the songwriter is to ensure that the funds sought by the company are mobilized. The agreement between the underwriter and the company is set out in a formal subscription agreement. The typical conditions of an underwriting require the songwriter to sub-sign all shares offered by shareholders but not used. The subscription agreement generally allows the songwriter to terminate his obligations in defined circumstances. A sub-author, on the other hand, subcontracted some or all of the obligations of the main insurer; the underwriter assigns its risk to the sub-author by obliging the sub-author to subscribe or purchase part of the shares that the underwriter is required to subscribe in the event of a deficit.

Sub-authors and sub-authors may be financial institutions, stock brokers, major shareholders of the company or other related or independent parties. In a firm commitment, underwriting InvestmentBank guarantees the purchase of all securities that the issuer offers to the market, that it can sell the shares to investors. Issuing companies prefer firm commitment agreements over stand-by-underwriting agreements – and all the others – because they guarantee all the money immediately.. . .

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