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TRIPS stands for Trade Related Aspects of Intellectual Property Rights. The agreement establishes minimum standards for the protection and respect of intellectual property rights in Member States, which are required to promote effective and adequate protection of intellectual property rights in order to reduce distortions and barriers to international trade. The TRIPS agreement is the result of negotiations by WTO member states. The ON TRIPS agreement is a minimum model agreement that allows members to more broadly protect intellectual property protection on demand. Members are free to determine the appropriate method of transposing the provisions of the agreement into their own legal and practical order. Difficulty: ★ [Very easy by elimination.] Current forks: In 2013, when this agreement was proposed at the Bali Summit until 2017, February, when it came into force in India. Article 40 of the TRIPS ON Agreement recognizes that certain practices or licensing conditions related to intellectual property rights that limit competition can have negative effects on trade and impede the transfer and dissemination of technology (paragraph 1). Member States may adopt appropriate measures under the other provisions of the agreement to prevent or control abusive and anti-competitive intellectual property licensing practices (paragraph 2). The agreement provides for a mechanism by which a country intending to take action against such practices involving companies in another Member State will consult with that other Member State and exchange non-confidential information relevant to the public for the issue in question and other information available to that member, subject to domestic law and the conclusion of satisfactory agreements for both parties regarding the applicant`s compliance with its confidentiality (paragraph 3). Similarly, a country whose companies in another Member State are subject to such measures may engage in consultations with that member (point 4).

a) RBI Governorb) RBI Deputy Governor responsible for monetary policyc) An official appointed by the RBI Boardd) CEO of NITI Aayog 18. AIDS is caused by the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV). Transmission of HIV infection is usually carried out by A. Contaminated foods and water B. Transfusion of contaminated blood and blood products C. Inhale polluted air D. Handshake with infected people . Conclusion: statement #1 is either true or false, based on the amount of brain the examiner applied to the word “steadily,” i.e. how much hair doping did the candidate do on the word “continuous”? If we only go through the strict interpretation of the graph above, then the answer should be “D,” but the ultimate judge is UPSc`s official answer key. Update: UPSC Official Response – D Neither tax revenues nor the budget deficit have increased. Who was appointed first chairman of the Banks Board Bureau? 39. What is the purpose of the “Unnat Bharat Abhiyan” programme? (a) 100% literacy by promoting cooperation between voluntary organisations and the national education system and local communities.

b) networking universities with local communities to meet development challenges through appropriate technologies.

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