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Professional or self-insurance liability insurance of USD 1,000,000 per incident and USD 1,000,000 in the annual aggregate for staff and students (including domestic workers) of the claimant for claims not covered by the Nebraska Hospital-Liability Act, errors or omissions or alleged acts of negligence in the provision of professional services that would have been or should have been provided. professional liability insurance for workers and students: the HRC has, at its own expense, professional liability or self-insurance insurance, $200,000 per incident and $1,000,000 per year, no less than $1,250,000 per combination of insurance and qualification and participation in the Nebraska Hospital-Medical Liability Act, the claimant`s staff and students (including domestic officials) for claims under the Act on the medical liability of the Nebraska hospital for bodily injury or death on allegations of misconduct, professional negligence, failure to perform due diligence, offence or any other claim based on failure to obtain informed consent for an operation or treatment. The parties agree that this written document constitutes the complete agreement of both parties on the terms of this agreement and that any changes to the terms of the terms must be duly implemented by both parties in writing. This agreement is valid for one year from the effective date of this agreement. The contract can be renewed each year with the agreement of both parties. The University of Auckland (university) has a contract with its students when they accept an offer of admission for a particular program of study. This contract (which includes the statutes, regulations, rules and guidelines of the university) governs the relationship between each student and the university, while that student is enrolled in this program of study and is called a “student convention”. Any party may terminate the contract no later than sixty days before written notification to the other party, provided that the termination is not effective until the end of the current semester on the date of the 60-day period.

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