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Esper`s meeting with members of the Association of South Asian Nations in Thailand, which ran until last Monday, was part of a week-long trip to Asia, which was to demonstrate in part the idea of a joint U.S.-led allied response to China, Pentagon officials said ahead of the tour. But it`s not just about South Korea. Without such substantial improvements with Pyongyang and the creation of a stable situation on the Korean Peninsula, Seoul cannot turn its attention elsewhere and begin to fill the regional vacuum that US policymakers want. If competition between the U.S. and China is indeed the new “organizing principle” of the U.S. national defense strategy, it would help advance that strategy if greater efforts were made in diplomacy with North Korea and if the long-standing Korean issue were brought to an end. It`s not just a progressive`s dream in Seoul. It is also in the interest of the United States…

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