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The mini-observation process includes a series of unannounced, frequent and short visits to the classroom, service area or team. Progress Tracking until May 30 (March 15, Certification Year) – During the school year, teachers implement steps and strategies to achieve goals, collect evidence of achievement, and score the completion schedule according to the teachers` annual goal and action plan. With the annual Teacher & Student Learning Reflection, teachers will comment on their success and challenges in achieving their teacher and student learning goals. Self-assessment until September 30 – At the beginning of the school year, each teacher checks the borough`s expectations and conducts a self-assessment using the expectations for their position section to identify areas of annual professional growth. The waiting headings are based on the teacher`s job description. Observations throughout the school year – school administrators carry out complete and mini observations of teachers in the classroom, in the service area and / or as a team. Teacher Evaluation Template, Documents and Forms and Reference Materials Masterplan, Organization and Questions Professional development textbooks change every school year. Please read the full manual and this year`s changes below. The Epping School District teacher evaluation model was developed after all state requirements were reviewed and extensive studies were conducted on different teacher evaluation models. Kim Marshall`s work has been used throughout teacher evaluation design. Charlotte Danielson`s work was used for teachers.

These two works have a strong correlation with the Standards of InTASC, between them and the New Hampshire guidelines. Agreement signed by CBA July 1, 2020 – June 30, 2023 We now use TeacPoint. Please click on the logo to log in. Questions – Questions can be directed to the Faculty Development Coordinators, who are members of the Regional Professional Development Committee. Maintenance-Custodial 2016-2018 Final Signed Agreement – 06-17-15 Professional Staff Descriptions and Expectation Rubrics Organization – The Professional Learning Organization Chart shows how professional learning fits into district organisation, what are the professional learning structures and the role of these structures. For more information, please click on the job descriptions and waiting topics below for your position. The Epping School District teacher evaluation model includes the following integral elements, which meet the state`s criteria while remaining true to our pedagogical vision and practice. Please note that this is only a summary.

For more information, click here for the teacher evaluation model. Student Data – Teachers also check student condition and/or rounding assessment data for their individual classroom/class and content level/area. Each teacher is expected to verify this data with their professional learning team and identify learning gaps for the classroom/drop load and class/content area….

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