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220.1 (“Public highways and private roads may be developed, opened, improved and maintained in this state in accordance with this law, and municipalities, municipalities, towns, villages and districts of that state have the authority to build, repair and maintain bridges and sections; Highway drainage, cutting weeds and brushes in highway improvements and the duties of state officials, counties, municipalities, villages and districts are defined in this law. Despite these problems with private road maintenance, the regulation of Michigan`s private roads is left to the discretion of townships and varies considerably. The private road maintenance contract is a source of regulation for private roads. A private road maintenance contract is an agreement between individuals on a private road that defines how the road is maintained and used. [xv] Lenders such as Fannie Mae generally require private road maintenance contracts as part of their assessment process. [xvi] The justification for this requirement is simple: if the street is not maintained, then the value of the land of the house on the road decreases. [xvii] Private road maintenance contracts could help avoid many problems resulting from a lack of road maintenance. However – I highly recommend looking for a lawyer to put this together and then having it completed legally. Because there are more problems than maintenance that needs to be discussed – IE: Did you know that the road should be insured? Thank you for your article. We have seen a lot of damage on the roads in the use of wood and rains higher than normal rains. Over the years, loggers have not carried out repairs because they claim that the damage was there before it was used. To some extent, this is true simply because they have never made repairs, so it is an eternal problem. This year we organized and individuals are volunteering to repair the street at their own expense.

The road is an “incorrigible road” (buried) and now the responsibility of the road we have driven down the road. All landowners have obtained keys to include DNRs and private forestry companies, but a nearby municipality complains that we have cut off public access for the use of state land for recreational purposes. I have not found any Michigan law that protects public rights of access or facilitation of the public on private roads for the purposes of access to state land. Note: The private road passes through properties that disconnect the Commercial Program from the Forest (CFP). Could we miss something? We do not want to do anything illegal by denying the public access to a private road if the public does have that right. I thought the public should have access to the public country “in another way,” and in our case, they have it at their disposal. Your thoughts would be appreciated. Issues related to the sharing and maintenance of a private road can create tensions between neighbours and sometimes lead to legal proceedings.

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