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The starting point for performance and development plans is the role profile that defines the results, knowledge and skills and behaviours required. This is the basis of the agreement between objectives and performance criteria. Performance and personal development plans are derived from an analysis of role requirements and performance to meet them. Staff also set personal development goals that increase their ability to contribute to the success of your organization. Achieving these goals is also a foundation for their professional success, whether in your organization or elsewhere, so they should be motivated and excited to achieve these goals. Because performance agreements are designed to help employees grow, at least another opportunity is created to meet expectations. Agreements that are too hard may seem inappropriate and may contradict the spirit of supporting staff efforts to improve your organization and add value. If you and your employees identify the key goals you can work on next year, you should incorporate the following activities into your performance development plan: you will check your employees` performance plans to identify opportunities for improvement and outline recommendations before meeting them. Then you look at their performance together and develop a development plan for the future. The usual approach to integrating behavioural skills into the performance agreement is to use a skills framework developed for the organization.

The manager and the individual will then be able to discuss the impact of the framework during the planning phase. Below is an example of a competency framework – Are you ready to improve your performance management process? The October 2000 report by the General Accounting Office (GAO) showed that performance agreements based on results between agency directors and senior policy and professional executives improved organizational outcomes. The Emerging Benefits from Selected Agencies` Use of Performance Agreements focused on the implementation of performance agreements in three agencies: Veterans Health Administration, Department of Transportation and Office of Student Financial Assistance within the Department of Education. In any event, make it clear what will happen if the goal is achieved or not. This is especially important for performance improvement agreements, as you need to take the next step if the person does not improve within an agreed and appropriate time frame. A performance development plan should also define the resources employees need to succeed. In other words, what will it take to implement your employees` plans? But a few weeks pass, and you haven`t seen any improvement in Bill`s performance. It just can`t seem to follow through and the improvements you`ve discussed. What else can you do before you throw in the towel or go through a disciplinary path? A lot! There are many activities that can help employees improve their performance. Here are a few steps they might consider: let your team know when you`re doing performance checks well in advance (at least two weeks) and let them prepare their own performance development plans for your review. As a manager, you take the lead in this process, check performance and make recommendations to help your employees adapt their personal performance plans. Performance agreements are an excellent complement to a performance management system.

They improve accountability to both employees and executives and present clear expectations that employees can use to take responsibility for their own performance.

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