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Airlines typically use a GSA in areas where they do not operate and can open their own offices in a country at a lower cost than in the short term. It can also use its services because the GSA maintains historical links with travel and cargo agents, which will take too long for the airline to build itself. Given Boeing`s forecast that the global air cargo market will grow by 5 to 6 percent per year over the next 20 years, there is a 3.2 percent increase in global GDP, creating demand for nearly 2,500 new processed cargo ships by 2029 – many cargo cakes. Airlines are increasingly looking for a single stop solution to manage large global volumes, a strategy that the GSSA network has developed to address them. All costs associated with managing the GSA business are the responsibility of the GSA, including insurance, leasing, office overhead and travel within the country or region that are necessary to promote and sell the product. “Many airlines now depend on GSSAs, especially detonation services, to reduce costs and limit their commitment to expensive offices,” said Ton Smulders, President of EGSAC (European General Sales Agency Cargo), an independent GSSA freight network. EGSAC has 30 members in 33 countries and represents approximately 150 airlines. Michael Meagher, executive vice president, Saudi Airlines Cargo Company, says his airline`s distribution strategy is changing across Europe to reflect changing market dynamics. “Our medium- and long-term strategy is to expand our range of freight objectives, increase our market share and expand our product range,” he says. “This appointment fits perfectly into this strategy and I am sure it will be a success.” The main question for carriers and airlines is whether this win-win relationship can stay the course.

With the increase in sales in third parties, the links in the value chain inevitably increase. Maintaining this smooth integration is essential if freight is to remain in large periods. Henrik Ambak, vice-president and head of ground services at Cargolux, suggests this because the GSSA is basically considered by the company to be a local station. “We make the settlement directly with the handling agent, who is separate from our business development, whether in our own office or as a salesperson,” he explains. “However, the GSSA, when used, is our local station office and must therefore oversee and supervise handling operations on our behalf, whether for aircraft, trucks or freight.” Air Cargo Global has appointed ATC Aviation Services, headquartered in Frankfurt, as GSA cargo in Germany. The airline All-Cargo, based in Bratislava, is… A General Sales Agent (GSA) is a sales agent for an airline in a given country or region. In general, the GSA is responsible for the sale of cargo spaces. A GSA will generally sell products from several airlines.

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