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23. What is the Erasmus participant consultation? Student Survey: The mobility tool allows students to conduct an online survey of the EU. Students whose activities have been completed must complete the survey. 20. What is the interruption of erasmus mobility? In cases where it is clearly established that he has left the institution (city/campaign) where he is invited, additional research is required and, if it is established that the student has left the host institution for more than 7 (seven) calendar days (including weekends), no grants are paid for the total number of separated days. If the payment has already been made, a refund of the payment is required. 30. What is the Intensive Erasmus Course (EYDK) and can I get a scholarship if I apply for this course? Yes, you can get a grant. EYDK is a language course for erasmus students/faculty members organised in the country where Erasmus students/faculties travel to broadcast less-used European languages (except English, German, French, Spanish, Italian). The application for these courses is made through the Office of International Relations. This course was abolished with Erasmus. 31. Do I have to pay a fee to participate in the Erasmus intensive language course? No no.

Erasmus students/trainers do not pay a fee to participate in the EYDK. However, you may be charged optional additional activities during the course, such as Z.B excursions, etc.. This course was abolished with Erasmus. Is there an address where I can study universities where Section 32 can enter into new bilateral agreements? In this context, you can first consult the list of partners on the website of the Office of International Relations. If there is no Erasmus agreement between a school you want to visit and your department, you can contact the Erasmus councillor in your department and ask for an agreement. If your department deems it appropriate, it can discuss contract negotiations with the Erasmus representative of the department within the opposing institution. 33. Should the lessons I take at the school I attend be replicated here? How many lessons should I take? Yes, yes. Every course you take must be replicated here, and the courses listed in the apprenticeship agreement must be cross-referenced with our university`s courses before you leave. The amount of ECTS points you will receive must be at least 30 for a period of time. The number of courses may vary from partner university to partner. 34.

How do I contact the university I want to go to? You can inquire and send an email from the Office of International Relations through the relevant interlocutors. It is the officials of the Office of International Relations of the partner university or Erasmus coordinators of the department that you will visit. Office officials provide information on the process, while department coordinators provide information on ECTS courses and loans. 35.How are erasmus students selected? Applicants` GPA must be at least 2.50/4.00 for students and at least 3.00/4.00 for students with a master`s degree/doctoral degree.

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