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The option provides for the provisions generated by the purchase of the play once the producer has merged his investors and his money. From time to time, a play is commissioned by a production organization, and in this case, the author will not work “on spec” and the notion of option will not see the light of day. No, you don`t need an agent, manager or entertainment lawyer to negotiate and sign screenwriter options, but it is highly recommended that you do everything you can to achieve at least one of these three options. So how much money can a writer expect from a payment option? The amount of an option can vary considerably. It`s really a negotiation process based on many factors, including the author`s record in the industry and the potential budget of the film. Producers will ask themselves a series of questions such as: is this the author`s first screenplay or has the author already sold several scripts to the studios? What would be a fair payment of options if the film`s budget was $1 million versus $50 million? How realistically can we afford to pay the writer? In my book Writing for the Green Light, I take a complete model option agreement and sign it page by page (line by line) and explain how each step of the process works. This way you know which red flags you need to look for and how you and your work are protected. So don`t be afraid to put on this business hat and protect yourself from exploitation. They will push you as far as you are willing to go, in terms of free work. But strong writers are confident in their work and know there is a limit to unpaid work.

This process may take longer, known as development hell. When all these preliminary forecasts come into effect, i.e. if actual agreements are signed and funding is secured, the producer can begin the pre-production phase. Some of the funding is generally used to exercise the option. Some industry insiders generally claim that an option payment is generally equivalent to 10% of the purchase price, but these amounts are still negotiable and the authors must ensure that they are not exploited. This is why all authors must have good representation in the form of a literary agent or entertainment lawyer. Writers should never negotiate contracts themselves. Don`t expect a five-figure fee. These are usually a thing of the past.

Instead, expect somewhere between 500 and 1000 dollars. It`s best to have them suggest a number first, but in this industrial climate, if you can make $1000 for a 12-month option as a newcomer, it`s not that bad. 2500 U.S. dollars, it`s probably these days for a stranger on the high end. Many screenwriters are in endless loop to rewrite their scripts a second or third time to satisfy the interests of production companies and producers. In addition to all these free letters, if the writer had not complied, he would have been obliged to repay the initial down payment of the party option plus damages! Scenario options typically offer the author a fee to remove their scenario from the market – but this fee varies (if any).

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