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What does it mean to be a carrier of pregnancy? Well, from a medical point of view, a pregnancy carrier implanted embryos in their uterus that were fertilized outside their bodies with the egg and sperm of parents or a donor selected by the intentional parents. The carrier of pregnancy is not genetically related to the child. In most cases, intentional parents compensate the pregnancy officer for the service they provide and bear the costs of pregnancy. Where there is a contract, the carrier`s insurance is properly controlled, a receiver account is opened and a prenatal order is obtained to determine parentage, all parties are protected in the agreement. Intentional parents should be aware that there are law firms or agencies that not only recruit pregnant people and cross-refer to parents who intend to do so, but also audit insurance and trust accounts, so that parents and their gestation organizations can focus on building a relationship of trust and approaching a new child in the world. A validated and enforceable pregnancy agreement is used to correctly determine the parent-child relationship when a child is born through assisted reproduction. For it to be considered valid, the qualifications are as follows: after birth, the court stipulates that the intentional parents are the legal parents and that the pregnant mother must give them the child. According to the law, in the case of births arising from pregnancy contracts, the Department of Public Health (DPH) must seal the initial birth certificate on which the birth mother`s name appears, and vital statistics registrars must provide a replacement copy to an authorized party requesting it. DPH must issue the replacement certificate in which the intended parents are designated as the child`s rightful parents (1) as part of the agreement, as soon as it has issued a court decision upholding the pregnancy contract and making a decision of parentage or (2) immediately after the initial birth certificate is filed, if it receives the court order before the birth of the child. What is a pregnancy agreement? – In my previous blog, I discussed the parent-child relationship, its legal implications and the different ways to establish it.

One way is to go through a pregnancy agreement. We talked about it briefly at the time, but it was too detailed a topic to talk about on the same blog. Since 2011, the law has defined pregnancy contracts and treats intentional parents in a valid pregnancy agreement as the legal parents of the child. Parental insurance and pregnant individuals should be reviewed so that insurance coverage can be assessed and no one can bear medical bills more than they can afford and/or have not provided. It is also recommended that you obtain the services of an agent so that fees and fees can be paid directly by a third party. As a result, the relationship between intentional parents and the carrier of pregnancy remains on the wonderful journey they make together, not on money. But there`s so much more to be a carrier of pregnancy. Most gestation carriers enjoy being pregnant and feel unique and special to contribute to the life and happiness of intentional parents. Gestational carriers often form a life-long bond with the family they helped build, and the rewards of the experience can be felt by pregnant individuals and their families for years to come.

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