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4. Is Crystal Touchstone a scam? No, Touchstone Crystal is a real company that has been crystallized swarovski to provide American women every day. Two of the company`s products, the Wrap Star bracelet and the ice bracelet, were distributed in 2018 in the Emmy`s Giving suite gift bag. The Tri-Wrap bracelet and the White Ice bracelet have been added to the MTV Movie – TV Awards. The company has been featured in Bridal Guide Magazine, Life -Style Weekly Magazine, Real Simple Magazine and In Touch Weekly Magazine. Their jewelry was worn by today show Dylan Dryer and blogger and comedian Carey Reilly. He was also scratched in one of their music videos at the 2011 Academy Awards by Natalie Portman and Jennifer Lopez. Most MLMs are not supported by a company that has done so since the end of the 19th. In addition, MLMs generally do not offer high quality products that have a well-established brand worldwide.

So Touchstone Crystals has a lot for itself if you look at these two facts. But that doesn`t mean they`re immune to complaints and problems. So let`s dive into some of them before you decide to become consultants. Unless you`re dealing with a consultant, you can`t buy the jewelry directly. While all this sounds great in theory, there are different pros and cons with a Crystal Touchstone advisor. What company makes jewelry with Swarovski crystals, which are of better quality than Crystal Touchstone jewelry, which is a department of Swarovoski, and sells these jewelry for less? Hello, I`m an advisor to Touchstone Crystal and I love it! TC is not a multi-level marketing, it`s direct selling….. while you put a great description of the company, I must say that the jewelry practically sells it themselves… I just invited my family friends to my launch party and from there when they ask me well for a party, but they all know what I do, so I never bother them….. people look at me with my jewelry and ask me about it, so I never hunt for the holidays. I do a part-time job full-time… You`re right, it`s not for everyone, but it`s worth a try for $139.00.

This is not a cult, so you can leave at any time. Husbands are starting to join TC because they see the amazing income that their wives make and treats as Swarovski us….. No important is how you decide to support your family, I wish you good luck!! Hey guys, I`m a current consultant for TCS and NO WE DON`T HAVE TO SALE $300 IN BOUCLES OR $300 IN EVERYTHING FOR ACTIVE RESTER. If you like jewelry, it`s a lot of fun and very good quality. Also, there`s nothing to collect, it`s all first class Swarovski products, as you`d expect. In any case, the advanced kit contains the same elements as the basic kit as well as some additional benefits. Some may find it easier to sell if they have more to do in the beginning. You can also get a custom site for $9.95 per month. Consultants are encouraged to host parties to present the products. By bringing people together, he can increase turnover and keep the advisor able to make money.

But in case you don`t understand how MLM works, let me ventilate them. If you decide to become a Crystal Touchstone advisor, you can earn money by selling jewelry and/or recruiting others to sell jewelry as well.

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