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The company is advancing its attacks. The latest draft contract maintains a largely rejected clause in the previous 2014 deal, which gives Tigerair the ability to force pilots to work on their scheduled days off. It contains clauses that would require pilots to work beyond their standard positions, at the request of management, indefinite “reasonable overtime”. “The outcome of this agreement increases productivity while addressing important elements of work-life balance,” he said. AFAP also negotiated a 36% increase in the hourly rate (overtime) for pilots over the three-year period of the company agreement. In other words, the agreement aims to set a new benchmark for the attack on pilots` salaries and conditions, a highly skilled cohort of professionals with immense responsibilities. The Australian Fair Work Commission has signed a new corporate agreement between Tigerair Australia and its pilots. Tigerair and its pilots signed a new company agreement in June. In addition, the agreement provides for some improvements in the pilots` lifestyle by maintaining access to fixed rosters (five days out of/ three days off) and putting in place safeguards for service changes allowing pilots to better plan their lives. But the deadlock was broken in March, when the airline and the two unions representing the pilots reached an agreement in principle. The Fair Work Commission approved the new agreement on May 28 and entered into force on June 4. “The agreement also improves career prospects within the Virgin Australia Group for Tigerair pilots.” Negotiations on the new company agreement had been ongoing for more than two years, with pilots not receiving a pay raise during that time. Therefore, the pilots were also reimbursed for the period up to December 2017.

AFAP said the agreement also maintained fixed rosters from five days and three days off, while adding “safeguards for service changes that allow pilots to better plan their lives.” Meanwhile, AFAP said it had agreed to changes that gave Tigerair Australia`s management “more efficiency in installing pilots during training”. Patrick Larkins, head of industry at the Australian Air Pilots` Federation (AFAP), said the pay increases in the deal bring Tigerair pilots` salaries closer to those of other airlines and that “a fair deal has been reached for both Tigerair pilots and the company”. Negotiated for more than two years on behalf of Tigerair`s pilot members, AFAP reached an agreement in principle with the company in March 2019. Tigerair pilots then voted (turnout of 94%), with 78% of those who voted in favour of the deal voting in favour of the deal. In addition, the flight hour rate or pilot overtime rate increased by 36% compared to the three-year agreement. The agreement was signed by both AFAP and the Virgin Independent Pilots Association (VIPA). It can be read in full on the Fair Work Commission`s website. The spokeswoman said: “We remain committed to reaching an agreement for a new EBA to support the outstanding work of our employees every day, but not at any cost.” Jetstar says there is a 3 percent annual margin of increase in the company agreement. Tigerair, owned by Virgin Australia, has been in negotiations with the unions that cover pilots, the Australian Federation of Air Pilots (AFAP) and Virgin Australia Group Pilots (VIPA), since the previous agreement expired two years ago.

In 2011, Julia Gillard`s federal labor government stepped up the attack on airline employees and intervened in a lengthy feud with Qantas to illegal strike action by the Fair Work Commission Labor Court. . . .

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