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Teachers` schedules and obligations are negotiated at national level and are part of the agreed terms of service for teachers. This Code of Conduct has been developed to describe in more detail the rights and obligations related to the implementation of national conditions of service. For the duration of the transition period, individual contracts provide for an additional condition for the working time provisions to operate in accordance with the code of conduct. • extra time for preparation and correction; • parents` meeting; • staff meetings; • reporting, recording, etc.; • advance planning; • formal evaluation; • professional examination and development; • the development of study programmes; • the additional supervised activity of the pupils; • continuous professional development. Each educational institution establishes a curriculum in accordance with Scotland`s Schools standards, etc. The plan will reflect the priorities of the institution, local and national conditions. The plans will take into account the person and other necessary resources. All teachers have the right to be fully involved in the development of the plan and to be consulted on their contribution to the plan as well as on responsibility for the implementation of the school`s development priorities. Where a plan needs to be reviewed to take into account individual or collective circumstances, staff shall, where appropriate, be involved in any audit.

It serves as a basis for discussions on working conditions at local level and must be supported by effective consultation agreements at company level, which ensure the full participation of all agents in important decisions relating to their establishment. Discussions are led by the principal of the school as the principal and by the person who is ultimately responsible for the school`s activities. With regard to support for local planning and monitoring of teachers` workload, national priorities are defined. These will be few in number and will normally be constant over a reasonable period of time. Teachers have the right and duty to contribute to the process that defines national and local priorities. Change programs require the full participation of staff at the enterprise level in decisions about the pace of change. These mechanisms should make it possible to settle disputes that may be individual or collective without recourse to redress procedures. This would not affect a teacher`s existing right to have recourse to formal appeal procedures. It should be possible for teachers to work individually and collectively within 35 hours.

For most teachers, preparation and correction are the most tedious activities outside of teaching contact time. . . .

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