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The Shakai Peace Agreement of April 2004 In April 2004, the Shakai Agreement between Nek Muhammad Wazir and the Pakistani government was concluded. [2] The peace agreement was the first of its kind since the Taliban`s arrival in Pakistan and was to become the cornerstone of the future of such agreements between the government and militants in the tribal areas. The Shakai agreement proved to be a failure, and what Nek Muhammad eventually stopped was a missile fired by an American drone that killed him in June 2004. [6] If desires were horses, peace talks with terrorists would bring a happy ending. This has already been said, and must be repeated: the dominant opposition to the talks is not rooted in the belief that the destruction of members of the TTP-led terrorism or revenge syndicate is an equally desirable objective as peace. Despite the savage nature of the TTP and the thousands of citizens who lost it, the argument of forgiveness on the justice of retaliation would win every day if the likelihood of having conversations leading to the surrender of terrorists – unlike the capitulation of the state – was reasonable. Khattak Saab,,, please correct your information on peace agreements… Try to visit the tribal areas only then you will be able to do a better analysis… Sitting in remote areas and writing about this complex subject would be an act of public deception…

Shakai Agreement was successful, but the assassination of Neik in the American drone attack, when there was no information that the United States was targeting high-quality commanders in drone attacks, aggravated the situation and created a similar lack of trust between the Taliban and Pak-Govt… For the rest, the peace treaty of Gul Bahadur and Maulvi Nazir has so far been successful…. There is no other way but to conclude a peace treaty with the Taliban, because we have had no success in previous operations, because Fazlullah lives peacefully in Afghanistan and launches attacks across the border. Recently, members of the local tribe in North Waziristan in a Jirga decided to emigrate to Afghanistan in the event of a military operation… thus, the situation will get worse if more operations are carried out…. None of the agreements with Taliban groups involved in attacks in Pakistan lasted more than a few months, and the breakdown of any agreement resulted in serious outbreaks of violence, including attacks on government institutions, security forces and civilians. Immediately after the signing of the agreement, Nek Muhammad refused to hand over foreign activists to the government and his faction began murdering tribal elders who helped negotiate the deal. [5] The government cancelled the Nek Muhammad amnesty agreement and launched a new military operation against his faction in June 2004.

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