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The initial explanation document of the European Medicines Agency (EMA) for qualified persons and the guide for clarifying shipments were published as early as 2014. If you wish to carry out studies in the EU in the future, include in your quality agreement a clause allowing you to review your PQ`s audit reports for studies that extend into EU countries and are subject to the publication of the PQ. If possible, use a QP for third-party audits to circumvent questions about the acceptability of the EU audit. This document contains instructions on the data to be included in a Qualified Persons Statement (QP) and a format harmonization model. For marketing authorizations, a QP statement is required to confirm that the active substance was manufactured in accordance with good drug manufacturing practices. Appendix 16 also mentions the existence of Mutual Recognition Agreements (MRAs). It is important to note that the scope of this MRA does not extend in all cases to the production of PMI, for example. B the agreements with Japan and Israel do not contain any PMI, and the agreement with Australia does not contain a PMI for Phase I studies. For more information, visit this page of the EMA website.

This means that all environmental conditions are within the specifications. There is no difference between moving a location within a city or in another city. We request that a drug transfer form be filled out indicating that the drugs have been properly stored and shipped. The monitor will be co-signed, as will the local and global testing manager and the PQ. Should a PQ look at CROs and investigators or can a QP rely on the GCP auditors of its own company? How can this division of responsibilities be achieved? The PQ can rely on information provided by the GCP auditors. A system has been put in place within JJ to ensure that the PQ is informed if critical problems are observed during a GCP inspection. In this situation, an escalation meeting is organized to decide what to do with the drugs on the ground. What is the best option: will employees who develop the formulation also manufacture PMIs (and will suddenly have to deal with PMPs) or should they switch it to another group that is not very familiar with the formulation, but is familiar with PMPs? Both scenarios are acceptable. Within my organization, Phase 1 material is often produced by the formulation group under the control of quality assurance.

They are well trained for these activities. What is the number of regular/normal complaints for pre-filled syringes and auto-injectors? There is no usual claim rate for pre-filled syringes, as the type and use of syringes can vary… But a window can be from 5 ppm to 25 ppm… It is controversial whether higher rates are acceptable or expected for automotive injectors. Auto-injector can be complex and made up of several components. Failures are to be expected. On the other hand, auto-injectors must reduce the number of abuses of the syringe. Therefore, a slightly higher number of complaints should be acceptable. A product (sterile collyre) meets all specifications. During production, however, some microbiological monitoring results were not OK. Can I release the battery? Microbiological surveillance data do not describe the microbiological status of the lot itself. Monitoring data is considered information about the controlled environment.

A level excursion in micro-surveillance may be an indicator that there are deviations from the usual process, but they do not automatically indicate a microbiological problem of the lot. After a risk assessment of non-compliant monitoring results (type of contamination, level of contamination, location of surveillance, other surveillance data, trend), it may be possible to release the lot.

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