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How do I qualify? To qualify your territory, it must be in one of the categories defined by the state. The two most common categories of aid are: 1) 40 hectares or more with at least 51% of the area for the farm or 2) 5 hectares or more with at least 51% of the area devoted to the farm and producing an annual income of USD 200 usd or more per countryside. In summary, PA116 is a very advantageous tax credit program for landowners. However, an PA116 agreement is a long-term restriction on the country and you should not enter into an agreement without knowing all the details. If all land registered in a Farmland Development Rights Agreement is transferred to another party (including a trust), you must also transfer the agreement to that party. Information on how the agreement can be transferred to the new landowners – Definition of Essential to Farm: A person essential to the operation is co-owner, shareholder, chief operating officer or family member who cultivates, operates or operates farmland under an agreement and corresponds to one of the following elements: has a financial interest of at least 1 or 2 of the production costs of crops , farm animals or products; and inspects, advises and advises the owner on production activities OR works 1040 hours or more per year in farm production activities and can document them (W-2, payslips, for example.B.). Transfer of agreements. A landowner should keep in mind that the PA116 program is a contractual agreement that is ongoing with the Land. Landowners who wish to purchase or sell farmland should be informed of all existing PA116 agreements. In order for the land to be transferred to a new landowner, the new owner must terminate the existing PA116 agreement or the PA116 agreement. Release of part or part of an agreement. An owner should keep in mind that in the event of a sale of real estate, the PA116 agreement must be transferred to the new owner or the property must be removed from the PA116 program. In order for a landowner to be able to remove all or part of a property from the PA116 program, the property must fall into one category among others.

The most common categories are: 1) the death or disability of an owner or person essential to the operation; 2) a land of up to two hectares with a pre-agreement structure, or 3) expiry of the duration of an agreement. If you withdraw a package from the PA116 program, you must repay the last 7 years of property tax credits plus 6% interest (interest-free if due to death or disability). The amount of the refund calculated becomes a pawn on the property until it is paid. Recent changes. In 2016, Michigan amended its PA116 laws. The amendments were largely designed to expedite the processing time for applications, moves and remittances submitted to the Michigan PA116 office. One change that landowners must consider is that when PA116 agreements are established, expire or are distributed or transferred, the document must now be entered into the records registry. To avoid future problems, it is very important to track and record documents. Information to divide your original agreement into two or more restrictions and benefits of registration. When you register your package at PA116, you must choose a certain number of years for the contract to be in progress, between 10 and 90 years. During this period, you can only create a structure on the property if it corresponds to the farm or for a person essential to the farm.

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