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As you already know, the best documents contain who, what, when, where, why and how (in no particular order). You can get a head start by downloading this free fuel card policy model for drivers. Here are some specific examples that will help you create a complete fuel card policy for drivers, just share this article of instructions on using a CFN card or see if your tanker provider has a guide. Employees authorized to stock up on company vehicles will receive a (5) driver ID number that will be used with the company`s [PRODUKT-NAME] . What is the point of a policy without implementation? Make sure all current and new drivers sign your new drivers` fuel card policy so that everyone is on the same page. I understand that every time I use a [PRODUCT NAME], I have to completely fill the vehicle`s fuel tank and enter a specific kilometre meter. This allows the company to monitor fuel consumption and monitor the required maintenance intervals. I will abstain from this may lead to disciplinary action. You can include some gas stations to use. We`ve already done most of the leg work for you. Just download the free driver fuel card policy model. After a while goes by, make sure you always check and refine your driver fuel policy.

As you already know, the most efficient fleets are led by managers who always adapt fleet management strategies. When you`re like me, I scream when I hear the word “politics.” I don`t know why, but it`s like nails on a board. However, when it comes to fleet fuel management, a written fuel card is a must because it makes your job (as a manager) much easier. Use only on this CFN site: 12902 E. Park St. Santa Fe Springs, CA 90670 Download now the free driver fuel card model This document is intended to verify if you understand your responsibility and company policies regarding the use of your driving id. I understand that the [PRODUCT NAME] should not be used for personal or professional purposes. The use of [PRODUCT NAME] for purposes other than official commercial use is considered to be theft of company property.

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